14 9 / 2014

"Why is there a stormtrooper in the sink?"

The Galactic Empire has extended its reaches too far this time.

13 9 / 2014

"Sweetheart, those rocks aren’t that thirsty." - to a very serious three-year-old throwing increasingly larger rocks into puddles. 

12 9 / 2014

""Chip sandwiches do not count as dinner. No, not even when Dad makes them." - anonymous submission."

My dad used to make us ‘potato pancakes’ by smashing leftover mashed potatoes between his hands and frying them. Chip sandwiches sound delicious in comparison.

12 9 / 2014

"No you’re not a jockey and you can’t ride the baby."

submission from motherofkings3

11 9 / 2014

"Why is there a lightsaber in your pants? Don’t put lightsabers in your pants."

really, should be a standard safety rule for all Jedi.

11 9 / 2014

"Who do you like better, Led Zeppelin or Elton John?"

When Mama only listens to the classic rock station, your top two favorite bands are interesting choices.

06 9 / 2014

Don’t ever head butt Mama again. You are not a football hooligan.

Don’t ever head butt Mama again. You are not a football hooligan.

06 9 / 2014

"Put the guns down and brush your teeth."

30 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: "It would make the guineapig very sad if you put her in the toilet" -to my four year old daughter


29 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Please don't lick Grandad's teeth dude. (Yes I'm completely serious. FML).

I asked and I received and now I’m vomiting in my mouth a little.