There is no Mama, only Zuul.
They holler for you from the top of the stairs enough, something inside you just snaps.

That’s enough of ‘The Bologna Song,’ thank you.
Twenty minutes. Twenty solid minutes about how much he loves bologna. It’s not that great, kid.

No, I’m not ‘really old in mine craft years.’

There’s no “Doom Fairy” in Hansel and Gretel.
… that I know of

And who ‘hired you for mayhem’?
… and can I pay them to take it back??

Ow! Stop poking me with your crutches!!
the fallout from the laundry basket trip down the stairs continues…

Whose idea was it to go down the attic stairs in a laundry basket?
… so I know who gets the bills for the ER visit and to fix the dent in the wall.

Did… did you just call me ‘bub’?
Yes. Yes he did.

"Stop sitting on that damn cheese!"

…. Huh. A lady sitting on cheese comes up twice when you image search ‘damn cheese.’ New trend?? 

No, the Pope and Robin Hood are two different people. Yes, really.